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Kaskazi is the ancient “North Wind” in Kiswahili, which were monsoon winds that facilitated the spice trade between East Africa and the rest of the world.

Kaskazi Back to Nature is that north wind that now brings responsibly sourced products from small scale farmers in East Africa to the UK and Europe.

We have partnered with businesses based in Tanzania and Zanzibar who share the same values as us including ensuring fair prices are paid to the local farmers and some of their profits are returned to the community to provide development, education and certification.

Our Shop

We currently hold a range of products, which include Infusion and Green Teas, Superfoods with an emphasis on health and wellness and Spices from the exotic islands of Zanzibar and Pemba.  Our Flagship Store is located in the beautiful and historic city of Bath, United Kingdom. As they say in Swahili, Karibu Sana, which means Welcome.


Our range of infusions and green teas are responsibly sourced from small scale and community farmers around Mt. Kilimanjaro and the Usamabara mountains in Tanzania. Blended with exotic spices and herbs from Tanzania our tea makes for a perfect, relaxing cup any time of day


With an emphasis on health and wellness, Dhow Nature products are responsibly and ethically sourced from the rainforests of Zanzibar and Tanzania. From ready-to-mix Turmeric Lattes with anti-inflammatory properties to Baobab and Moringa powders which have high vitamin and antioxidant contents, Dhow Nature products are prepared completely naturally without the addition of fillers and additives.


Our spices are grown in the tropical rainforests of the exotic islands of Zanzibar and Pemba where local communities and small scale farmers are encouraged to preserve the natural rainforests and farm responsibly. This has been successfully achieved by providing them with education, certification and development support, as well as ensuring fair prices are paid for their efforts. 1001 Organic spices are non genetically modified, produced to the strictest European Organic Certification Standards.


Zalt was born out of many things; friendship, determination and enthusiasm, but most importantly, out of purpose. Our 3 co-founders spent many days and nights, sitting together, exploring the idea of how Zalt could and would become a reality. They realised early on in this process that if they were to pursue Zalt, they would want it to have a purpose. That purpose was to build the salt industry in Zanzibar and to change the lives of its existing salt farmers.

Dried Fruit

Each snack purchased helps us fund Education, Health & Hygiene, Sustainable farming, Conservation & Community Development projects in East Africa. To see how you are creating an impact click here .

Rosho Cashew Butter

At ‘rosho, we’re simply obsessed with deliciousness that‘s good for you! Our mission is to add a little more joy and wholesomeness to the world through our handcrafted nut butters and we believe that when you take care of yourself, you can take care of others too.

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